More about the class.

Not much unlike my standard YouTube channel, these videos are far more in depth and take the time to break down angles and patters that you may have seen but not understood in the moment. In these videos, we take breaks to point out these facts. There are also sections of this course that haven't made it onto the YouTube channel.

In the advanced portion of this class, you will watch me work through real life issues with other polishers that are in my advances in-person course. This portion of the class will continue to grow over the years as Evan works with more advanced polishers.

Evan's Story

Evan started polishing metal in 1998. As he went along on his journey of learning, there wasn't anybody willing to give up the secrets of metal polishing. This made wanting to get into the industry very difficult.

Once Evan got through the learning curve of metal polishing, he decided to start a YouTube channel to help others getting into the field. Many around the world have found these videos useful wether they are professional polishers or weekend warriors.

Evan created this online course for people that can't easily come to his in-person course. He wanted everyone to have access to his training program.

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